How to change your country number on whatsapp to another

Have you  ever wondered how to change your number and have a foreign country’s number?

Today i am going to show you just how simple it is to change your number but please leave a comment and please support me by following me.

  • First you need a smartphone with atleast 3G network acces
  • Have whatsapp installed in your phone or even telegram depending on what app you want to change the number for
  • Make sure the applications do not have any number and a combo box for the number input is displayed.
  • Go to your browser and type ‘temporary online numbers’ and google will offer many sites with the service as shown below

  • Go to the site with the name ‘’  and wait until it fully loads and it will bring something like this 

  • Click on the number that pleases you and stay in the page 
  • Go to whatsapp or telegram and enter the number you clicked at and keep refreshing .you will see a message from whatsapp or telegram  then use the verification code they sent and unlock whatsapp or telegram and enjoy the service.

If the message delays request for a voice call  you can play the voice call on the same site.

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