Factors to be considered when choosing a phone

Malcom X said,”if you do not know where you stand then you fall for anything.” The question is what devices do we fall for?

There are many phones out there but what are the most important spects to look at when choosing a good phone

  • RAM(Random Access Memory)
  • ROM(Read only Memory)
  • Processor type and speed
  • The camera technology and number of pixels
  • User friendliness 
  • The OS (operating system)
  • The phone’s warranty

And many others
Today i want to briefly talk about the spects mentioned above and how they directly affect the performance of our phones.

  • Ram

The larger the random access memory the better the phone is at handling applications . Because it will have enough tempoarary storage to run the application during processing. Processing is the act of changing data to information and data are raw facts such as numbers or words that do not mean any significant thing. A Ram of more than one Gigabytes is good.

  • Rom

Read only memory enables us to store our data in the phones that we have . And the larger it is the better the phone

  • The processor type and speed

The processor type should not be a big bother but you should know it does affect the performance . The processor speed is measured in gigahertz and the larger the hertz the better the processor. There is alot concerning processor but lets save it for my next column.

  • The camera technology and number of Pixels

i know many of us love taking pictures.But what happens when your phone camera is so poor ? The result is you get dull pictures whose qualities are so low that you cant even see their worth. Anyway some phone companies have new devices that are accompanied by new technology that enables them to take photos of higher qualities. The number of pixels is also a factor , 8 megapixels  and above is good
 You can have a look at the Phones on jumia

  • User friendliness

Some phones are just difficult to use and their interfaces are poor . Luckily our generation has no command based phones .you should chose a phone that you can understand easily and the user interface is appealing .there are phones that can enable you change the interfaces by changing themes and wallpapers.

  • The operating system

I will not talk about this so much because everyone has a taste. But whether you like it or not android operating system is the best .the interface is good and there are many application in the platform . Android is an opensource operating system

  • The phone’s warranty

This is a must feature . If the phone does not have a warranty with a time span that pleases you please leave it on the shelf

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